About Us

Textile is a supplier of raw materials and garment group. It distributes its products directly to many points in domestic and international markets through distribution channels. It serves directly and indirectly to many global and local companies. It addresses all locations by location. With its problem-free and timely product line, it is always the biggest solution partner of its customers. We have the ability to meet the individual and specific needs of each of our customers and we provide them with international competitiveness. With its wide range of products, uncompromising service understanding, fast terminus and expert team, the best product offers the best price. Our mutual benefit, continuous and long-term business partnership is our greatest goal. It always reassures its partners with its corporate governance approach that is constantly renewing itself, open to all innovations of the sector and fully integrated with the world.

  • 23rd Year in the Sector
  • Global marketing network
  • Best product best price
  • Fast and timely termination
  • Smooth product
  • A wide range of products that are constantly being refreshed
  • High quality standard
  • Correct location
  • Direct supply
  • Corporate governance